Booze Cruise

by Coalspur

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released January 17, 2011



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Coalspur Edmonton, Alberta


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Track Name: Elders
I feel winter in cold nights and frozen eyelashes. Stiff bus rides full to the brim with real people, with real lives. This is not summer. There are no short skirts decorating shorter fuses, pretending that there is really something to live for behind their mascara stained cheeks. In winter we are elderly beyond our days; We are eluding the frost with coats.
Track Name: Tennis Roof Nights
There is a roof in this city. We can get a little more adventurous then scale it’s modest face. Come one, come all to the house of living fast and fleeting love. Don’t rise up all at once, wait until we get there then we can jump together. We won’t remember it’s gravel tomorrow, but we will have its passion. I spent life on you, you know I let you set the pace. I left glass for you, you threw it’s sand back in my face. This fucked up way of letting us know death is nothing to us.
Track Name: Between Evils
Grow further from them listen up, listen up, just listen up. You are so much brighter than they let you burn, I can promise you are not at fault. White catholic household. Blessed by fear, blessed by fear, warned by fear. If you are such a burden to their spotless fucking minds, why do you exist upon this soil? Chilled fucking mug of suds cooling down our minds. Cooling it down from the heated search for meaning. I will laugh all the way to the liquor store, because I know a secret. As long as you all scurry amongst your own filth, I alone have risen above the rat race. These fears that wrap around us are nothing; We define and shape them. We become worthless, we become happy, alone.