Toast Goats b​/​w Deckard Cain

by Coalspur

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released May 10, 2011



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Coalspur Edmonton, Alberta


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Track Name: Toast Goats
I was drawing in rain smell until the back of my head broke through the water. There was no more calmness in my spine, there was only a cold wetness.

A single drop of color in a sad and static pool, A passing, subtle fragrance in a cold and empty room. You were burning up over a wet and darkened oak. I thought that you would burn me; you passed on. Now all my love has drowned and you're just swimming on the surface, All your colors bleed over my eyes. I'm drowning in the depths and you won't dare just to look down. You know I'll stare back through you, I'll stare right through your soul.

Dead weight just floating in your ocean.

I pull apart until I'm separate. The unity, singleness of birth becomes the unintelligible chaos of ends. Dead weight just floating in your ocean. I've become a whisper, I've floated out to black apeiron. I've become the end, I've drifted on. You'll never find me.
Track Name: Deckard Cain
My hands are bound in metals; they won't bend, they won't break. I swear that this is real and I'm at home. I want to know that there's a light upon that mountain, Burning bright void at night always waiting there. A single arche breathing life into our bones, Living just as Being does exist.

I'll raise upon these mountains and I'll witness all it's warmth, All this speech will then become my truth.
Nature loves to hide, so I will set out just to find it
Nature loves to hide, Nature loves to hide.

And I rose to those cliffs, and I buried my head.
'Cause the sun was so close, and I was home in its red.
I screamed and I called, but you were not there.

My climb became worthless, my life became bare.
(I tried to feel your light but I found nothing on this peak)
I screamed and I called, but you were not there.